I’m Ularc Redfern, dedicated life coach and mindset mentor with Seed B4 Seeing. Working closely and collaboratively with my clients and using a proven training method customized for specific issues and changes—I help my clients make their life goals a reality.


We reframe norms, thoughts, and behaviors to fuel desired results.  I work with clients of all ages with many different challenges through an effective, holistic approach and address the root causes of what holds them back—not just the symptoms of their limitations.  Together we are able to release the chains of limiting beliefs and replace them with actionable solutions.  We foster true and complete healing and replace hurt with hope and achievement.  In an environment of authenticity, acceptance, and trust—my clients feel safe and empowered to build their best lives.  We bring mind, body, and soul to a healthy, positive place where change and improvement thrive. Seed B4 Seeing serves as your partner

in life transformation.



I have applied my extensive training and the principles I teach in my own life.  I lead by example and enable clients to see the transformative results that are well within your reach.  Through the application of this proven method of transformation—I have overcome significant disadvantages and adversity and am living a life based on my goals and dreams. I am married to the love of my life and have two beautiful children.  I have two businesses that inspire me each and every day.  I enjoy a rewarding life that I have built. I share this because if it is possible for me—it is possible for you too.



I am committed to serving as your positive compass.  I instill hope, provide a clear roadmap for the journey, provide authentic encouragement and helpful motivation, and work closely with you to help you achieve your fulfilling, happy life.

Are you ready for a fulfilling relationship?  A job you really enjoy and are passionate about that meets your financial needs and desires? Your own business?

  A new home?  It’s all within your reach.



Let me help you plant and nurture the seeds that will grow your best life for many years to come.  I’m dedicated to helping you thrive.  Please contact me at [email protected] or 571.789.1707 for your free consultation 

My Skills